Christmas Story Pomegranate - Large

The pomegranate being the sacred symbol for eternal life, fertility and abundance has always held great importance in Greece. During the New Year celebration this red fruit of luminous seeds is shared by family and friends as a welcoming of a healthy and prosperous year ahead. The pomegranate is also customary in Greece as a ceramic decor piece, and is given as a symbolic gift of bringing good fortune to someone you cherish dearly.

This exquisite ceramic pomegranate, hand painted by Cretan artist Aggeliki Nikiforidis, is truly a sight to behold. Aggeliki's masterful skills shine throughout her collection. Her attention to detail in each brushstroke highlights her love and passion for beauty found in nature, where she draws her inspiration from.

The piece, which highlights the most delightful Christmas village, includes a scenic backdrop of falling snowflakes amongst a striking cerulean blue sky. From the village homes, to the reindeer and snowman, it unveils a beautiful winter wonderland. Delicately finished with light blue and navy ribbons, and a silver plated tree charm, this ceramic ornament makes a wonderful display piece for the festive season.

With its unique design, it also makes a stunning gift for a loved one to display in the perfect setting of their home. 

Measures approximately 15.5cm tall and 11.5cm in diameter.

Please note each piece will vary slightly due to its originality in being handmade and hand-painted. 

Handmade in Greece.