Daphne Plate - Grey

A gorgeous ceramic plate hand-painted by Cretan artist Aggeliki Nikiforidis. Aggeliki's masterful skills shine throughout her collection. Her attention to detail in each brushstroke highlights her love and passion for beauty found in nature, where she draws her inspiration from.

The piece, which carries a bay leaf motif, is presented in a beautiful mink grey hue with a light blue undertone. The outer edge is finished in a muted gold tone which gives the plate a rustic, vintage look in appearance.

The plate displays beautifully in the center of a dining table or console with complimentary pieces from the collection, such as the large bowl and ceramic pomegranate. Finish the look with a lovely white vase or jug filled with white daisies, to bring out the intricate leaf detail in the design.

Measures approximately 20.5cm in diameter.

Please note each piece will vary slightly due to its originality in being handmade and hand-painted. 

For decorative use only.

Handmade in Greece.