Grecian Eyes Chandelier Necklace - Aphrodite

"It was not the cavalry, or the infantry, or even the navy, but another strange kind of army that destroyed me. Striking me down with her eyes" - The Anacreontea

This beautiful range of aesthetic jewellery originates from the heart of Mexico. It is made in collaboration with indigenous communities which embody the traditions and mystique of Huichol culture.

The artisans create these artworks through an expression of deep spiritual beliefs with the use of sacred symbols.

Each piece, created through active meditation in union with the divine, tells a story of a precious legacy worthy of preservation.

Through meticulous beadwork in an arrangement of colours of its own unique appearance, each piece carries the fusion of a traditional art form with contemporary design. 

Preparation time: 12 hrs.

Composition: 18k gold plated eye pendants and chain; Czech crystal glass beads.

Measurement: complete pendant design 10cm long, large eye 2.5cm tall by 3.5 wide, small eye 1.5cm tall by 2.5cm wide; chain 16.5cm long (includes extender).