Little Mermaid & The Royal Palace Canvas Print

This canvas print of the Little Mermaid from designer Effie Zafiropoulou's Colourbox fairytale collection is truly something magical.

Effie's breathtaking talent shines throughout her entire collection. This gifted artist begins her work with an inspirational colour palette that assists her in creating the hand drawn patterns found in all her pieces. The intricate patterns that can be seen in the scenic background and in the clothing of the characters, exemplify an amazing array of colour that brings each piece to life. 

Next its drawing the wonderful character images that bring so much joy to children and adults alike. Effie's attention to detail is exceptional.

The print is presented in a striking colour palette of dusty blue, sage green and a lovely vibrant red. It features Ariel observing the Royal Palace hoping she will see Prince Eric again.

This decor accessory makes the perfect gift for a Christening or birthday. Display it with complimentary pieces from the collection such as the photo frame and hanger, to create a whimsical theme for your children's bedroom.

Measures 40cm tall and 30cm wide. 

Please note the wooden frame on the reverse allows for easy placement on your chosen display hook. The canvas print is lightweight.

Made in Greece.